TTore chair - smart solution for innovative space.

With a classic design, the Ttrore seats are blown into the space of fresh air. There, you will see the harmony, homogeneous but still ensure highlights, differences. This product is currently the choice of many modern, innovative architecture.



Product's nameTTORE CHAIR
Product codeHFC-2018
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

Ttrore seat is designed with size 515 * 590 * 735. Furniture made from imported wood imported from international standard.

The product has two front legs higher than the two posterior legs. So when you sit, you tend to be pushed backwards. This is a comfortable and beneficial posture for the internal organs.

Combined with that, the Ttrore chair is equipped with soft PU leather. The product has two options: natural black and brown, very elegant and elegant. They have the same characteristics as simple but not monotonous but very subtle.

The joints are carefully machined so there is strong bonding. The product has a durability of 20-30 years easily.


In many innovative architectures, modern style, Ttrore chairs are very suitable for decoration in the dining room. The interior will bring a pleasant feeling, comfortable for members to eat more delicious and fun.

At the same time, with materials from wood - representing the carpentry, the product is also used as a feng shui calculation. Whether it is a place of work or a place to work, the appearance of the Ttrore chair also gives you a sense of balance. This is a great way to attract gas, to suppress frustration, negative thoughts.

Also, Ttrore chairs are also very suitable in the cafe space, coffee shop. Interiors will bring subtle beauty and space enough privacy. This is how you can keep your customers' footing more efficient than ever!


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