Tina square table - edged table without coarse hard!

Tina square table is made from natural walnut wood. Products bring the edge beauty but do not make space lose aesthetics. Moreover, this is also the place to create more impressive space layout. Placing a small vase on this interior will make the room glow and more beautiful than ever



Product's nameTINA SQUARE
Product codeHFT-311
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Tina square table is designed with  700 specifications, (top 30, leg 25 * 90). The product that many customers love because it is made of wood, the wood is still considered as the king in the world of wood material.

- With the strange curly or wave, combining with mysterious deep brown tone, the interior brings luxury and adds to the impression of the room.

- Moreover, the shape of the legs on the four sides are very stable, with good force.

- The table is also a symbol of stability, solidity, help the landlords increasingly happy, meet many luck in work and life.


- Tina square tables are chosen by many customers because of the very sharp angular lines. Suitable for living room, dining room or décor in the bedroom.

- Decoration in the book room or outside the balcony, terrace to sip cup of coffee, enjoy the beautiful sky is not bad idea.

More than that, the square Tina table is also a lot of cafes, bars, restaurants and luxury hotels to serve customers. This fancy design helps them impress and make the business brand better than ever.


Do not hesitate to choose Tina square because:

- Products made from American Dog Walnut have excellent resistance to worms. Combined with it is not warped, shrink under the harsh conditions of Vietnam.

- Excellent, this interior is handcrafted under the skillful hands of the skilled craftsmen, so the joints are closely linked.

- Furniture is durable from 20 to 40 years easily and does not cling to dirt or silver. So you can be satisfied beyond expectations when you own Tina square in your living space.

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