Selima Sofa regenerates energy efficiently

Selima Relaxing Umbrella is a wooden frame design. Combined with soft, thick mattress to feel very comfortable, comfortable. As the name suggests, the product helps you regenerate energy, bring the refreshing to work, learn more effectively then!



Product's nameSOFA SEMILA
Product codeHVS-18.04
ColorBrown ,gray fabric
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Selima leisure sofa is designed with the specification 680 * 740 * 830 should be quite low. However, the product is extremely suitable for rest.

- The front of the sofa has two legs higher than the hind legs, so when sitting all the weight of your body to the seat of the seat. This brings a relaxed, comfortable posture.

- The frame is made of wood with light wood inlaid with light wood. The interior is reinforced with a large brown paint cockroach is also very sexy, impressive.

- For the mattress is quite thick and smooth, this reduces the feeling of aches and pains to work in a position for a long time.

- Moreover, the beautiful design also contributes to the inspiration, the excitement when you own this interior in your living space.


- Selima relaxation sofa is very suitable for living room furniture. Products bring modern beauty and help users feel comfortable, quickly regenerate energy efficiency.

- This is also the furniture is a lot of offices choose to host customers partners. Elegant colors and soft lines of the product create a sense of closeness, making space less stressful.

- It would be great if you chose the Selima Relaxing Sofa for your private terrace or garden. Add a cup of tea to taste and read a good book to see how interesting, elegant to me!


Selima relaxation sofa is highly appreciated by many customers of Viethome Furniture & Decor because of its outstanding beauty.

With elegant colors, good dirt and dust, the product is durable and easy to clean. In addition to the Selima Leisure Sofa, Viethome Furniture & Decor also offers Don Semila, Sofa Sophia, ... no less smooth and comfortable.

So please come to Viethome Furniture & Decor's store or visit our website for more information and to find your own furniture.

Viethome Furniture & Decor is committed to providing outstanding quality products, excellent durability beyond expectations. At the same time with competitive quotes, we can help you save significant costs.

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