Sabrina Sofa  1 Seat - flexible design, suitable with weather Vietnam

Sabrina Sofa 1 Seat is made from wood with high quality PU leather. Products with flexible skin not attached to the chair. So in the hot summer days, you can remove this mattress to get the furniture is very cool and very cool shape.



Product's nameSOFA SABRINA 1 SEAT
Product codeHVS-18.01
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Sabrina Sofa  1 Seat is a product that many customers pay attention to by simple design but still very classy.

- Wooden frame products made from natural wood imported from the United States. Thanks to the level of drying standard, the chair does not shrink, warping, deformation before the weather.

Combined with that, the benches of 675 * 750 * 800 are very suitable for Vietnamese people. Products bring comfort, pleasant to use.

- Sabrina Sofa 1 Seat has a wide selection of softwares including canvas or thick PU leather. The furniture has two colors brown and black clean, easy to clean, long silver color is very luxurious, delicate.


Sabrina Sofa 1 Seat fits a lot of space from family size to the workplace.

- Decorating this interior on the balcony, terrace to sip coffee for watching the sunset every day is also a great way to relax that should not be overlooked.

- Sabrina sofa 1 Seat has the ability to reduce aches and pains, and bring comfort to the user.

- Moreover, you can also use this interior to balance the airflow in the room. Wood is a representative of Jupiter. This is the only one in the hierarchy that is able to reconcile the remaining actions. This helps you feel good, mentally alert and brings lots of fun, luck to your life.


Viethome Furniture & Decor is proud to offer the difference furniture, outstanding durability. As with many other products, Sofa Sabrina 1 Seat is constantly burning because of the great demand of the market.

This is because we are very careful in the process of finding the wood material and accessories. Simultaneously with modern equipment and machinery with the help of the team of carpenters, Viethome Furniture & Decor's products have satisfied the customers.

Please visit the store of Viethome Furniture & Decor to admire the same product line as Channel Sofa  1 Seat, Sofa relax Semila, ... as well as soon to find yourself furniture good price, like.


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