Oliver Sofa - Energetic after every minute

Sofa Oliver is a single sofa line is suitable for rooms with limited area. The product has ash color and 03 other choices are simple but not monotonous. Even this interior is able to bring fresh space, make you feel comfortable as soon as use.



Product's nameSOFA OLIVER
Product codeHVS-131
MaterialPowder coated steel
ColorD470col.4/ D470col.3/ Sohocol.69/Sohocol.44
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- The Oliver Sofa features the 2150 * 850 * 780. This design matches the height and weight of Asians. Therefore, the interior creates a comfortable feeling, not resting when you sit or lie back.

- Do not stop there, this interior also acts as a space to decorate because of the letter I. So you can choose Oliver sofa with the room has a narrow area.

- The product has 04 colors ash color, black, light gray, light blue, ... very elegant. Simultaneously with this color, the stains are hard to see, do not stain to keep the color long.

- The seat is used a lot because of the international standard spring mattress is very smooth, not elastic. Especially, the chair legs are iron, which is very beautiful, avoids oxidation in the environment, not rusty, so the beauty is durable at the same time.


- You can use the Oliver Sofa in your living room furniture, especially in narrow-width cabins.

- Moreover, this interior is also pretty much chosen office to welcome customers partners. Space will add more class, luxury due to the presence of Sofa Oliver.

On the other hand, you can also use this product in the reading room. Drop yourself on a soft chair, sip a cup of coffee with your favorite drink, and read interesting things from the book or how it will make you feel good about life!


Oliver Sofa is the top selling product at Viethome Furniture & Decor. This is because:

- The furniture is very durable, the joints, clever seams, beautiful to add aesthetic value for space layout.

- Sofa fabric is felt fabric, easy to clean, durable, not degraded should bring new bright long lasting.

Moreover, Sofa Oliver at Viethome Furniture & Decor is very competitive so it can save you a lot of money.

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