Sofa Crown Table

The Sofa Crown table has a very fancy design. Moreover, the product is made of wood, so it is very elegant. The table suit modern living space and more and more customers to eye. With avoiding shrinkage, you can also rest assured about this high quality products



Product's nameSOFA CROWN TABLE
Product codeHVST-18.01
Size800(Ø)* 420/ 600(Ø)* 380
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- The Sofa Crown table is available in 800 (Φ) * 420 and 600 (Φ) * 380 styles. Therefore, the product is suitable for a variety of room types ranging from small to medium size.

- The Tables are made from natural ash wood, hard, solid, heavy and have excellent impact resistance. wood face are also reinforced with PU paint to make them very brown.

- The table surface does not stick to dust, does not degrade and avoids shrinkage.

- The table legs are rounded and stylishly styled in modern style so very strange. This is a product that brings young style and is chosen by many young customers in their living space.


- The Sofa Crown table suitable for living room furniture, the design of the product brings soft lines. This stimulates the feel, comfort and excitement of the viewer.

- The interior is also pretty much selected office to do group meeting. This design provides easy movement and saves more space.

- Especially, table made from natural wood. This is the wood line representing Jupiter. It has the ability to balance the airflow and bring good luck to the user.

So at Viethome Furniture & Decor, this is the fashion trend of 2018 which is chosen by many customers today.

- Tables are also suitable for balcony or coffee table, reading table on the terrace.


Do not hesitate to connect with Viethome Furniture & Decor today. Because not only Sofa Crown, we also own many other classy furniture such as tables, chairs, chairs, Etienne, tables and chairs.

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