Sofa Channel 1 Seat - Classic style brings emotional excitement

Sofa Channel 1 Seat is appreciated for its subtle design. With removable PU leather, you can easily take off when not in need or in hot weather. Moreover, the light wood texture with light wood sapphire is very delicate to bring you a very new experience.



Product's nameSOFA CHANNEL 1 SEAT
Product codeHVS-18.03
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Sofa Channel 1 Seat is designed with a frame made of wood. Products look very slender, classic style but not boring.

- The chair is designed with 560 * 600 * 780 specifications just enough to create comfort for users. At the same time, interior has many choices. The color of wooden chairs is cockroach color and the original wood color of the paper. Both colors are easily combined with different architectural spaces from classic to modern.

On the other hand, PU leather has black, khaki and color. These colors are long lasting, not discolored and very easy to clean, stain stain. So Sofa Channel 1 Seat keeps the bright new long.

- Particularly PU leather mattress is sure, the product is moderate so it does not cause backache as many other soft mattress lines. This is the reason many men love this interior.


- Sofa Channel 1 Seat is used quite as office furniture. Flexible mattress padding makes it easy to avoid the feeling of heat in the summer.

There are also many families who choose this product line to decorate in the living room or office.

- This is not a bad choice in the space of the cafes. The product will add value to your store and keep your customers longer.

- Thanks to the design of natural wood, the Sofa Channel 1 Seat also has the ability to regulate airflow. So you can easily feel refreshed, comfortable, so comfortable.


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Sofa Channel 1 Seat has a strong, strong durability so it possesses long durability from 20-40 years excel. With a good price, professional way, we will help you find the product soon, bring luck and comfort in the process of using easily.


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