Shiri Chairs – Saving cost-effective for customers

Do you miss your favorite furniture from natural wood but still want to save on investment costs? Shiri chairs will be the preferred product. The interior is made of natural wood with a characteristic brown wax wood wing. Simple but not monotonous design will help you soon to have beautiful space as you want but the wallet is still not out much.



Product's nameSHIRI CHAIR
Product codeHVC-2014
ColorBrown, black cushion
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Shiri chair is designed with 470 * 540 * 765 style is very comfortable, fit the shape of the Vietnamese.

- At the same time, the product is reinforced PU layer on the surface of the chair is smooth, smooth, glossy. This feature makes the interior more luxurious. At the same time thanks to it users do not feel aching people even sitting in a position for a long time

- Shiri chairs are also popular with customers because they are made of natural wood, so the ability to resist shrinkage, deformation superior. On the other hand, the design of the simple title makes space more spacious layout.

- You can choose black or green moss chair. These are two colors that never go out of style and fit a lot of different architectural styles.


- Shiri chair is often used to work room furniture, reading room because the design is simple, no frills.

- Also quite favorite products in the office has a new style. Elements made of natural wood are utilized to balance the flow of air in space. This makes the viewer feel comfortable, healthier and more able to concentrate.

- At the same time, this is also not a bad choice when you want to use the interior of a cafe, restaurant or place to relax coffee on the balcony, terrace, ...


Shiri chairs are appreciated for being made from natural wood. Therefore, the durability of the product from 20-40 years is very easy. The design is subtle but extremely durable to create a solid interior.

At the same time, the elegant and harmonious color also makes this interior space more luxurious and delicate. Currently, Viethome Furniture & Decor is supplying a wide range of furniture with different characteristics from classic to modern.

Besides Shiri chairs, we also have Poppy, Frida, Lion chairs ... with good price, excellent quality and outstanding. Believe that with the price advantages as well as the durability of the product, you will not be disappointed when choosing our furniture!


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