Orser chair - 2018 interior trend line many pursue.

The most striking feature of the Orser chair is probably in the handrails. Styled from wood but soft as a towel, the interior brings sophistication in the layout space. If you are afraid that the way to close this chair can lose the durability you need, you are completely assured not to worry about the above. Because the firmness, durability of the product can easily last more than 20 years, even more!


Considered one of the most expensive furniture in 2018, the Orser chair has a very soft appearance.

Furniture is made from wood imported Qin with light sapwood is very delicate. Combined with soft PU Black leather  or Kaki colour is very modern, young and easy to fit many space layout.

Unlike many of the other modern furniture at Viethome Furniture & Decor, the Orser chair is a combination of leather and wood. The seams certainly create a sense of security, while also enhancing the beauty of this product.


If you are wondering what furniture should be chosen for the new dining room suitable, the Orser chair is worth the choice you should prioritize. Products will bring impressive beauty, sophistication for your home. This is no small factor that determines the spirit, mood of each member. So every meal will have appetite, but the body will add attachment.

At present, many office and conference rooms also use this chair. They found that youthful colors and soft designs were able to stimulate creativity and excitement for the staff.

The product is also not a bad idea if you are in need of creating a truly personal space for your coffee shop.


The Orser chair is a good choice because of its superior wood finish.

At the same time, we ensure the tightness, tight link between the joints, the joint of the interior. So you can both own beautiful products and save cost effectively.

PU leather is not only soft but also very durable, glossy, smooth. This gives the interior a new brightness that lasts as long as expected.

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