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Leno chair is designed from wood cut dry less warping, minimizing shrinkage. Moreover, the product has a very solid handrail design, creating a solid feel. If you do not want to use leather chairs because it's too hot, this is a great product to put in your office!



Product's nameLENO CHAIR
Product codeHF-2012
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

Leno chair is designed with specifications 570 * 520 * 820. The back of the chair is very comfortable and comfortable.

The chair is made from natural wood imported from Europe. Therefore, the interior is resistant to shrinkage, with the ability to impact large impact.

The product is reinforced with PU black or brown class very luxurious. Therefore, the interior is suitable for many other interior spaces such as classic and modern.


Leno chair is suitable for dining room furniture, products bring comfort, comfortable for the user.

At the same time, the product is also used by many offices. Furniture made of wood should be avoided hot, very good purse. So sit for a long time without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

The product also suitable for cafe space, luxury restaurants. Furniture not only has certainty, but also decorating space.

Natural wood furniture can be combined to create feng shui problem for homeowners. Because Jupiter is the only one capable of balancing the airflow. This helps customers have many good luck in life.


Viethome Furniture & Decor Leno chairs are chosen by many customers because:

Furniture is designed from standard wood, moisture in the threshold of 8-12%. Therefore, in the weather conditions high humidity, hot sun as in our country, the interior is not shrunk, curved aesthetic.

Moreover, the team of skilled craftsmen of Viethome Furniture & Decor is careful, careful in every detail. Hence the coupling between the various components has a very strong bond.

The product lasts from 20 to 40 years without maintenance or any problems.

For the above reasons, do not hesitate to contact us for your Leno chair quotation! In addition, Viethome Furniture & Decor also offers a variety of different furniture, such as Ettic seats, Montera chairs, Prague chairs, Charmant chairs, ...

Believe you will not be disappointed with what Viethome Furniture & Decor are!


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