Poppy - a line of furniture that draws from the soft lines

Poppy chair is made from natural wood but is processed very carefully. Chairs are specially designed with extremely soft lines, delicate. Therefore, this line quickly caught the eye of customers visiting Viethome Furniture & Decor on the first sight.



Product's namePOPPY CHAIR
Product codeHVC-2034
ColorBrown, Black cushion
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

Poppy chairs are designed according to specifications 495 * 550 * 690. Products made from natural wood European standard.

- The chair is very strange with soft curves, the seat is higher than the center of the seat to feel comfortable, comfortable. The surface of the chair is smooth and comfortable to use.

- Not stop there, the interior also has a large section, curved towards the person sitting. The four-legged footrest is very sturdy, allowing the user to lean back - without bent or broken back.

- The product has two natural brown and black colors. Due to the multi-layer PU coating, anti-termite, shrinkage, as well as compressive strength.


- Poppy chair is considered high quality product suitable for office space. You can help reduce the hard work environment, more creative inspiration from the interior.

- Moreover, using poppy chairs for cafe space, food is also appreciated. Furniture is very suitable with modern architecture, preferring the sophistication.

- The product is made from natural wood, this line becomes a feng shui calculation very useful. In this way, you can balance the air flow in the living space and bring more luck, prosperity for your life, career and relatives.


Viethome Furniture & Decor uses only the standard wood of American Timber Association. As a result, our furniture has good impact resistance. Poppy chairs are very hard, sturdy and have a remarkable durability of 20-40 years easily.

Combined with a team of skilled carpenters, careful work is responsible, the product brings you sophisticated interior, the coupling should be strong so as to minimize the repair and maintenance.

In addition to Poppy chair, Viethome Furniture & Decor also offers Frida, Lion chair, ... invite you to visit the warehouse of the company to see, admire the masterpiece is capable of adding aesthetic value for space layout , no matter where!


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