Warranty Policy

Product warranty for 6 months for material or technical errors during production or installation.

Time to receive and pay warranty

Afternoon: From 13:30 to 17:30

 Weekdays except Holidays and Sundays.

The cases is warranted

- Products are within the warranty period.

- Products are warranted in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations.

- You present the invoice and warranty card when warranty.

The case is not covered by warranty

- Beyond the warranty period indicated on the Stamp and warranty card.

- Warranty card is modified or unidentified.

- Products deformed due to breakage, impact, fire, damage caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, insects ... caused.


- Customer is responsible for shipping costs to the warranty center.

- After the warranty period, repair costs will be supported by the warranty center with the most preferential price.

Product innovation policy:

In order to ensure consumers' rights, improve the quality of after-sales service, we exchange new products of the same type if the product is in trouble cannot be solved immediately (due to the manufacturer's technical error). Products may only be exchanged when the following conditions are fully met:

- For customers who buy at the showroom new products purchased within 03 days from the date of sale. Customers buy online, the time is calculated from the date the customer received the product.

 - Products are not old, scratched, deformed and meet warranty conditions.

- Products received must remain intact shells, foam and full of accessories attached, promotional gifts (if any) ...

In case of refusing to exchange or return products:

- You want to change the product category and design.

- User error.

- Do not accept outside errors (scratched, dented, distorted, broken, torn, torn, ...) when the customer has brought the product out of the store.

Note: Customers carefully review the product before buying, the product sold does not re-enter. There are no exceptions. To ensure every customer always buys new products.