Delivery policy

Transportation fee:
- Free shipping and installation in Hanoi and HCM within under 10Km and orders over 10 million. Ship to other provinces, ship costs will be calculated directly for customers.

- The customers are far away or in other provinces, shipping prices are based on product amount, number of kilometers and delivery location. Please contact us via the hotline phone number for specific counselors.

- Or customers can request Viethome to transport goods to the car station or carrier to deliver goods far away. With this form, customers will contact the carrier, the car. Viethome charges the shipping fee to the carrier, the car according to the above methods.

Order processing time:
- Orders from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, we will contact you within a day.

- Orders after 16h00, we will contact the next morning.

Delivery time:
- Same-day delivery for customers in the inner districts of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, from 1-3 days for customers with addresses in neighboring provinces.

- Delivery in week for customers with addresses in provinces far from Hanoi and HCM.

- At holidays, Tet, we will deal directly with customers about delivery time