Latus table - level, delicate from the lines, the smallest detail

Latus table is made from standard rubber wood. Classic beauty with the certainty is the greatest strength that this interior is more and more customers choose. You will not be disappointed by the superior advantages that product brings in the process of using



Product's nameLATUS TABLE
Product codeHVT-18.01
Size1400*800*740/ 1900*880*740
ColorNatural (Walnut)
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- Latino table size 1400 * 800 * 740, so the product can accommodate up to 6 people sitting at the same time.

- Furniture is chocolate brown extremely luxurious, beautiful. Products made to space layout and effectively increase aesthetics very large.

- At the same time, Latus is also loved for designing small pieces. Therefore, when looking at products create eye-catching effect, saving space layout considerably.

- High quality natural wood also avoid warping, shrinkage effectively. You can be assured of outstanding durability from 20 to 40 years of product without the need for maintenance, repairs costly.


- Latus table is used extensively in the dining area of ​​many families. The product is suitable for many styles of modern, classic as well as innovative.

- Not stop there, now many office companies also use this product as a desk, meeting table. The design of the wood brings elegance to the layout space. Moreover, the interior is also a feng shui calculator to bring balance, reconcile the airflow to attract fortune, luck for the user.

- Latus table is also an excellent choice in many restaurants, cafes. The surface of the table is reinforced with many layers of PU paint so it does not cling to dirt, easy to clean and possess beautiful long-lasting shine so it is very popular with customers.


Thanks to the process of standardization, the process, Latus Table is also reduced drying anti-termite. After that, we brushed many layers of PU paint so it did not affect the health of the users

In particular, the product away from the harm of termites, beetles and other forms of insects should own beautiful durability, outstanding connectivity.

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