The A Table - bring elegant space to your home!
The A Tableis designed from imported ASH wood. Because of the solid design and outstanding wood material line, this product is highly appreciated by customers of Viethome Furniture & Decor. It will be appropriate if you choose this interior in a dining room, workplace or living room space. To know why this interior can "please" so many customers, please read the following information below


Product's nameA TABLE
Product codeHVT-17.01
ColorBrown, Natural
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

- The A Table has a four-legged design that gives an A-shaped shape so it is very solid. In this position, the interior has a great overall bearing capacity.
- At the same time, the product owns elegant brown inlaid wood. Therefore, when decorating the space, it brings outstanding harmony. Interior is not fussy about style, so the room you need to decorate modern, classic or innovative is very suitable.
- The table has a simple design, creating an eye-catching but not monotonous. On the contrary, it becomes a highlight of the room's sophistication.
- Table A is used much as dining table, dressing table.
- Some offices with new designs are also using this interior line to create a new, friendly workspace.
- This product line is also used in many tea shops, refreshments, food, ... Natural wood material will bring elegance and sophistication to help you hold customers longer than ever.
- In order to get very good user designs like Table A, we have carefully researched the feasibility and convenience.
- Products made from natural ash wood, processed by cutting and drying on modern technology. Therefore, the product has the ability to adapt very well to the impact of Vietnam's climate.
- You absolutely can be assured of superior durability. Table A does not warp, shrinking before the impact of high temperature or high humidity regularly.
- Moreover, this product line is also a feng shui highlight that you should take advantage of. Owning wood materials, Table A can balance the air flow, making the space harmonious. So users get better mood, study and work better.
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