Latus chairs –bring delicate space

Latus chair is designed not only to fit the style of classicspace but also fit the  modern style.   The most important is that the product is made of natural wood, through the skillful hands of experienced carpenters. Therefore, owning this furniture will not only enhance your home but also help you to save on cost effectively



Product's nameLATUS CHAIR
Product codeHVC-2018.01
ColorNatural (walnut)
Guarantee1 year standard of the company

Latus Chair stability, which make the user feel very safe.

  • Moreover, the product is designed from Walnut wood with elegant colour. The combination of straight lines, bring differences that many other products do not have.
  • Latus are also padded with soft PU leather on the back and seat surface. That is the reason why customers feel very comfortable, smooth, reduce back pain, body aches after long-term work.
  • PU leather surface is black or Kaki so they look youthful, mysterious. In addition, this color is elegant, making this products become manificent and the users are very satisfied.


  • Latus are great choice in the kitchen space of many apartments.
  • In adddition, the product also bring private corner, impressive in many restaurants, luxury restaurants.

On the other hand, many offices make use of this products to create fresh work space, increase creativity and stimulate concentration.

  • The back seat design allows the products to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, Latus possesse durability from 10 to 30 years. This is thing that not all products have

Distinct strengths:

  • Thanks to the standard Walnut wood, the Latus chairs are very sturdy. At the same time, the risk of termites, warping, shrinkage are also limited to the maximum.
  • The wooden parts of the chairs are painted with a glossy coating to keep the brightness, elegance and outstanding durability.

The combination with the outstanding design, Latus can help you "blow soul" into living space and work easily.

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  • Latus chairs are now one of the best selling furniture at Viethome Furniture & Decor. This imported toWalnutwood  from USA.
  • This product possess curly lines andmysterious waves. Combined with the design of the large seat, seat design brings the stability, comfort for sitting.
  • Soft PU leather on the back of the chair makes you feel comfortable, forgeting fatigue or even long sitting in a pose.
  • Products made of high quality Walnut wood processed and standardized. So the chair is not warped, shrinkage before the high humidity climateor high temperature in our country.


  • Many customers who are using Latus chairs for dining room furniture and working and meetings. Because of the natural wood, elegant design so the products are suitable for many environments.
  • Moreover, Sturdy chairs also makes people feel relaxed. At the same time this also has a huge plus in terms of feng shui. Sturdy chair indicates stable career, promotion.
  • The product also brings modern beauty and adds aesthetic value for space layout effectively.
  • Walnut is highly appreciated by Westerners. It is not only able to balance, balance the airflow but also bring good luck to users. That is the reason why Latus become the first furniture to be sought in the year 2018.


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The product has a durability from 20 to 50 years, strong coupling, bring unexpected satisfaction to customers.


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